Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beneath The Denver Airport

I went into a freight elevator, the doors closed and took me down for a long while, it felt very fast. When the doors opened I was in an elaborate looking hallway with rather high ceilings, the markings and languages looked foreign to me. I then tried to use what looked like the restroom. As I walked in I noticed it indeed was a restroom, but the urinals and toilets were about three times the normal size, they appeared to be built for giants.

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Sara said...

Ok, so my brother told me about this. Not this specific bathroom thing, but said he has heard stories and seen photos from this bizarre airport. Supposedly, the art/murals that are in a portion of the airport, able to be seen by the public, are highly offensive/ anti-Semitic or something? Anyway, I'm not shocked to hear they have a thing like weird toilets too, lol.

Rot said...

yeah. we saw that on some show...the murals have since been painted over, but they showed weird stuff like the end of the world and some strange kind of new beginning.
very cool stuff.

Willow Cove said...

We just have metal seagulls in are airport.