Friday, March 13, 2015

The Divide: The Score

Been playing this a lot after seeing the film.

Here's the soundtrack:


girl6 said...

man ohhhhh man..that movie!!
that movie hurts. leaves you all raw & weepy. SO mean. i STILL think about it a lot. it really scared me & i think sometimes, maybe, i love that movie. : (

& the soundtrack is pure soul put to sound, i think it captures the movie perfectly. i played it constantly.

i just have that vision burned into my brain, of Eva, out there all alone in the world, stumbling around..Lost. but, maybe, she's the (my) hope, cause, she never gave in. : (
SO powerful.

girl6 said...

Oh & not really related but did you guys ever see, the sacrament by ti west.
we dug it.....brrrrrrrrr

Rot said...

Never saw The Sacrament.
Was curious about it.
We're huge Ti West fans.

Anonymous said...

An awesome film with no happy ending.