Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Now Playing: It Follows

Praying the hype is justified.  Looking very forward to seeing this one.

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Frankenrock said...

Looks and sounds great. Yay another new flick to look forward to!

I recently gave some cash towards The Void indigogo. From two of the astron-6 guys.. they're raising money for all the practical effects. I think you'll dig it


Ryan said...

I still can't decide if the "it can look like someone you know or a stranger in the crowd" bit is a clever or shitty way to save money on creature effects.

girl6 said...

i CAN'T wait!!!!
i LOVE watching new horror movies in the spring, something about the crisp & chilly weather makes for like a FAKE Fall. NO matter, i'll take it.

Oh & we checked out, "digging up the marrow". i dig that little movie SO much. i've watched it like 5X. hahahha, it's so homey & wonderful. i read a few reviews after watching it & dag, they really ripped it up something fierce, said, the horror convention stuff in the beginning was boring, blah, blah, blah. my eyes kinda glazed over, cause ummmm, well, it's a movie about (surprise) monsters, fitting in, the love of horror etc. ahhhh, whatever, i think the movie was lost on them.

Ohhhh & Ray Wise was Astounding!!(as always).
he's a Gem!!!..just thinking about him as Dekker is cracking me up right now!!.hahaha. : D

K.O. said...

I saw this film last week here in NYC!! =D