Sunday, March 22, 2015

Something In The Attic

Mr. Brown, 73, was helping his son clean out the attic and had just finished climbing the ladder when he realized something was watching him.  His initial thought was it was just a rat but when he got a clear line of sight to the creature, he realized it was a tall, dark figure.  Startled, he swung the flashlight he was holding in the direction of the invader and heard a sound similar to chattering teeth. However, Mr. Brown reported the creature backed away from the light with what sounded like human footsteps.

When Mr. Brown’s son, a 42-year-old landscaper, joined him in the attic, he initially thought his dad was joking with him until he realized that the shadow he saw in the corner of the room was not a coat or a sheet or anything else man-made. 
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Anonymous said...

I'm not going into my crawl space anymore.

At least up there, if I hear anything chattering its teeth at me, I have lots of stuff to throw at it.

Gourdin Fester said...

There's always that thought as you stick your head through the attic hole- dammit there better not be anything up here that wasn't up here the last time I was up here! I think I will put something up there for the next people that live here-