Friday, March 27, 2015

Old Maid

A track from the recently-watched and thoroughly-enjoyed It Follows.


Anonymous said...

Just watched the trailer. Looks pretty decent.

girl6 said...

cause, we found an early showing for tomorrow & we are so going!!!
i'm SO excited to be able to see it in peace & on a BIG screen too!!..<333

Rot said...

looking forward to what you think.
I dug it. Beautifully filmed. amazing score.

Willow Cove said...

Just came home from seeing this. Very good. Liked the old school horror vibe.
I'm gonna be the old man on the roof for Halloween.....

Rot said...


Vintage Seance said...

I love the main theme, so cool and feels really old school!

girl6 said...

we LOVED it.
i suspected it was going to be good but Damnnnnnn.

the director really exhaled a breath of true love with this one. so so so dreadful & scary as hell. the cinematography is beyond beautiful. the trees were shot so wonderfully, they felt like their own characters, SO beautiful. i liked how the surroundings felt like a reflection of the characters emotions & feelings, actually identifying with them (reminded me of werner herzog in that way)..the moving camera had this wonderfully natural flow, soooooo much movement (stanley kubrick like <3333333)

& the blending of the present with all the retro touches was perfectly done. the early on cell phone convo sets up the modern day but still manages to slip perfectly into the old school vibe with the tvs, crocheted afghans, fashions & the muted colour palette. ohhhhhh lord, the Colours..sighhhh.

did you feel a scooby vibe? when they all (the scooby gang) went out in the "mystery van" searching for mr. evil romeo..hahahha...i totally felt that vibe. & the chick with the glasses (& the little kindle clam) totally toally felt like Velma to me...hahahahha Loved that!!..<333

is the movie a metaphor (i heard) for AIDS?....hmmmm maybe. but for me, it was more of a metaphor for true love, like finding the Perfect soul mate. you know, like especially at the ending. like, aren't they the prefect couple now?..aren't they perfect for each other. neither of them will expire (die) because they have each other & see the SAME things together without any doubt, they believe, together & in each other. the previous victims died alone & helpless.

the ending should be like a commercial for STDs.
(Emo ones)hahahahha...anyways.

Oh, & there was a big campaign of support for this movie, which i wholeheartedly support. GO SEE IT..SUPPORT HORROR MOVIES, Especially, horror movie fans. Horror is STILL not getting the respect it deserves.

girl6 said...

Oh & another vibe i felt, was the "charlie brown universe", where adults are just muffled background noise, hardly on screen & not really figuring into the plot very much.

Rot said...

TOTALLY agree about those vibes. I loved how they were believable kids. And how the adults were so out of focus the entire time.

I'm with you...I saw it more as a relationship search than an STD tale...though I can totally see it as that too.

girl6 said...

yeah, the kids were totally believable & great. the whole lack of parent thing, is like, you can't trust adults, cause they don't know what's up. got me thinking about nightmare on elm street too.

& how could i forget to mention the music?!?!.
music that will make your blood tingle.<333.

&&&...shot in the Fall to boot.
yeah, a whole lotta perfect. : )

girl6 said...

awhile back, i read an article that recommended 3 movies to watch, if you enjoyed "it follows". but, i can only remember one of them, "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" & it's on netflix right now. we're probably going to check it out soon. wish i could remember the other 2....ahhhh

Rot said...

i saw a trailer for that and it looked really good.

what are the other two?! : )

girl6 said...

HAHA!!..... i boooooo.
i GOTTA find out!!!.. : D

girl6 said...

i asked carlito this morning if he remembered what they were & bam, he found them 2 secs later..<3333333