Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clowns Are

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Anonymous said...

Ha. Tell that to my wife. :D

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

Ohhhh, I need to work this into a yard haunt...

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHA....Yaaaaasssss PLEASE!!!!

i'm serious tho, the sound of music would actually be a Good movie, IF there were clowns!!!!! yeah mean, that scene where julie andrews runs, singing thru the hills, i want to recreat that scene with ALL clowns. Dag, just imagine how Lovely it would be!!!..<333333333

i torture Carl with that dream almost everyday..
he said, i should do it & he'll film it on his phone.

heyyyyyyyy!!!!...maybe, i'll run up the art musemn steps dressed as a clown & singing the sound of music.

girl6 said...

Oh & i better NOT see that Der Krampus Clown running up ANYTHING & signing the sound of music cause i'll Cap ya dude!!!

: D

girl6 said...

oh lord yes, i found the most perfect soul ever to fulfill my "sound of music" dream..
this dude has a whole body of work on the internet.

he's dressed like the lon chaney sr. clown from "laugh clown laugh" &&& he can sing!!....& there's stand up bass...Oh & i dig the crazy-cool deadpan backup singers too---they're like straight outta a david lynch film.

swoooooon!!..i'm IN Love..

Rot said...

wow..that was crazy.
he's terrifying!