Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hazard Pay

This morning at work, a coworker stopped over looking as though he had seen a ghost.  He said he had felt something on his leg and it felt like static cling or something.  He pulled up his pant leg and there was a giant cockroach trying to climb up his leg.  He shook it out and it ran away under his desk.
I stopped over and we hunted it.  I have to admit I doubted the estimated size of the beast that he described. 

Well, we found it.  And I think it was bigger than his estimate.

So I emailed him the below...


Jay's Shadow said...

HA. He'll love you for that one.

Now place a plastic one on his seat or desk.....

Rot said...

funny...I have a small bag of fake roaches in my desk because of the frequency with which roaches are spotted in here.
When this all happened this morning, a woman in the office was so horrified...she went for coffee and I put a fake roach under her mouse on her computer.

I had a change of heart after I pictured her spilling her coffee and the following talking to I'd get...with the following firing. So I ran over and snatched it back before she got there. In some alternate universe, I left it there, and am now sitting in my car wondering where I'll get another job.

girl6 said...

Omg..this is still the first image that pops into my head whenever Creepshow is mentioned. it's just so yucky & disturbing. roaches are the worst.brrrrrr

& i think you made the wiser decision in refraining from scaring your coworker cause there's just too much cool stuff coming up that you GOTTA spend your $$$ on. : D're brave in helping to hunt that sucker down, cause i freeze when i see a roach..omg...just can't go near them.

Jay's Shadow said...

Oh man, that sounded just like a Twilight Zone episode.

Hilarious. :D

Willow Cove said...

At our work, we hang wolf spider carcasses in cabinets or drawers. I've been gotten many times.

Sara said...

Dude life it too short--leave the roach next time.:)

Just a few hours ago we had our own roach hunt at a gathering I was at. Quick little guy. Didn't live in the end. Something about them are just nasty as hell. It's fun to watch people's reactions to them though. Bleh.

K.O. said...

I disapprove of your working conditions. :[
And I can't even watch that whole gif...I'm that phobic of the things. They're so disgusting! :O

Rot said...

to date, there have been:
1. roaches (one flying around the cafeteria).
2. mice (tons of them).
3. bed bugs (a current horror).

girl6 said...

i have a roach story..hahaha
i will try to keep it short, but there are some occurrences, that must be mentioned tho, because, as my mom says, they are possible culprits in this tale..HAHAHA.

a few yrs back, i think it was either..late winter or early spring, cause there were coats involved & they were off while my mom & i were eating dinner in the food court at Liberty Place...ok, so, after dinner we go home to my mom's house, take our coats off, before she runs out into the backyard for a sec & when she comes back in....i turn around while i'm talking to her & i notice this giant thing perched on her shoulder, it's like peeping over at me with it's lonnnnnng antenna at full attention. omg!!!..i swear it was like the biggest roach i ever saw!!! like the size of a parrot & there it was..HUGE..eye patch..hoop earring..dew rag & whispering "ahoy matey" to i'm talking to my mom & my eyes are blatantly glued to her shoulder..i don't know what to do, cause this sucker IS huge. of course she FEELS something is up, so she says, "what's wrong?!?!" i could see the dread, of the unknown, in her eyes. so, i took off my cardigan, balled it up & threw it at her interloper before i ran outta the room, i'll try & kick anything's butt....except a roach!!!..Nope. No way. Not gonna happen.

& for my mom to be afraid of a roach is totally unheard of. normally when there's a roach sighting, she'll just stomp it, pick it up with a tissue & give it the final death crunch before tossing it. she's good that way. she claims the roach musta hopped into her coat, while it was off & hanging on the back of her chair in the food court. i think something happened in the yard?. either way, i still call her matey to this day. aye aye captain!! : D

Rot said...

truly horrid

ShellHawk said...

I was visiting my former in-laws in South Carolina, where they were renting a 200 year-old farmhouse. I went into the bathroom and flicked on the lights, and this freaking enormous roach was hanging out on the wall. I was horrified and frozen in place.


Gah! I HATE roaches!

Dio said...

There. That's my horror.
Not much else scares me in the creepy crawly world, because most of it seems so natural and only seems to bumble into the house by accident.

But cockroaches are little f*cking demons that know exactly what they need to do to terrify us.
So purposeful. They freeze my blood.

girl6 said...

Autumnleaf....are you out there!?
if you are & have a roach story, please tell us. i bet you have a good one. : )
i LOVE stories!!

Rot said...

autumnleaf totally must have a great roach story

Jeff said...

Early in my military career we had them in the barracks at Ft Hood. Big me anyway, 3 inches I would guess. My roommate at the time, an African American, liked to have his hair cut in a "box" style...tapered on sides and a couple inch "platform" on top. My second or third week there he was laying on his bunk, his the bottom, mine the top...his head somewhat in shadow. I was concerned that I couldn't cut it, the airborne tab on my bdu seemed to be a target for those ranking above me and they seemed to be testing me on a constant basis. I had explained this to Spc Hill and become lost in thought, half listening to his laid back response when I thought I saw his product infused Box...move. I stared intently but decided it was a trick of the light, then...I saw it, turning and turning, settling itself in his curls. "Hill...Hill...." He looked up, saw me staring, looked up towards his hair, reached up, felt it and sat up quick. "What the ffaaaaa...?" WHAM!!!! Into the rails supporting my bunk. They took him to the post hospital, lacerations, concussion, others asked if we'd had a fight. " A roach, a roach did this." I tried to explain.

A couple days later they brought in an exterminator. A few days after that while spit shining my boots I saw one run across the floor of our room. I swear it stopped and laughed at me. Upon his return Hill insisted on switching to the top bunk.

Autumnleaf said...

Catching up now....sorry I missed this...late as usual, my dad always told me I'd be late to my own funeral. Some GREAT roach stories above, I have nothing as good. Not that I don't have roached.