Friday, May 6, 2016

Stella's Place - Monster Maker's Interpretation Of The Tenant's Party Scene Music

The cool dudes from Halloween at High Noon have written a classy tribute to Philippe Sarde.
And it's awesome...

Click below:


Tamara said...

The video was great.

Hallowaltz said...

FYI Rot.. John Carpenter is playing at the Keswick Theater on July 9th.

girl6 said...

cause..THIS movie!!
& i always thought the theme song perfectly captured Roman's character. it's got that strange, little quirky upbeat swing, same as his character. i really love this version too, if anything, it's EVEN more (yeah much, Muchier) Trelkovsky like. both versions have that lovely & very quirky Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker energy thing goin on. : )

hey Hallowaltz...we have our tickets!!!
wish it was during October tho
& at The Underground Arts's all good!!

Hallowaltz said...

Cool! I'm gonna try and get some tickets too. We should meet up before and do some drinkin

girl6 said...

Ok Awesome!!
we got the thrifty seats..Row Z. : D