Friday, May 20, 2016


They thought the dream world was real, not some meaningless neurological side effect of sleep. There was the waking world of order; cause and effect time and space and another, a very real world that you glimpsed in dreams. These talismans were created by the holy men to patrol the boarders of the two worlds as they overlapped to keep the chaos and insanity and nightmares of the dream world from entering our own.

Mr. Jones, 2013


girl6 said...

Brrrrrrrrrrr...goes hand in hand with the dream sea, quiddity. clive barker chose the dead letter office (omaha nebraska) as the repository of ALL secrets. i love both karl's & clive's journeys to sorta the same destination. SO cool!!. : )

Ciphra Horam said...

Loved this movie quote :) so true. Still my most adored film ever XP it sure gets you wondering what lies inbetween the lines of being awake and asleep and beyond.