Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Ultimate Story Of A Mother's Love For Her Children

Swamp Foetus from John Rot on Vimeo.


swampbilly said...

I would thoroughly enjoy seeing this on the big screen, played before some October horrorthon down at the local theatre.
Great work all around.

Sara said...


Sara said...

I was wondering what today's post was going to be.

Jay's Shadow said...

Best mom ever.

girl6 said...

& don't forget..MoM upside down is Wow. : D
just like this vid.<3

another cool mom is the ALIEN Queen. : D

Jay's Shadow said...

I think the Swamp Foetus Witch and the Corn Witch should do a video together.

I'd be more than happy to play a part, even if it means that I was the victim. :)

girl6 said...

Rotten Works Presents:::Witches Gone Wild!!
"Mr. DeMille, they're ready for their close ups"

Beauties..PURE Beauties.
they need a 3rd beauty to complete their strength chain. : )