Sunday, May 22, 2016

Victor Frankenstein

We watched this last night and fell in love with it.  I read a lot of cruel reviews, so it doesn't make much sense why it has such a bad reputation in the horror community.  I think folks saw the trailer and wanted monsters and action, but they got a character-driven film instead.

To me, it felt like a modern telling of a 70's Hammer monster film.  Loads of style and atmosphere with great characters and acting, with a touch of monsters.  And I'm totally cool with that.  Cause it worked.

Click below for the trailer:


Jay's Shadow said...

Looks interesting.

Would be cool to see a different take on Mr. Frankenstein.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah I was impressed with it, and Radcliff's role...

Jeff said...

Been meaning to watch this, give it a shot despite bad reviews. Thought it looked...set design, etc, looked fantastic. Thanks for the review.

Amy said...

We will have to check this out..thx!

Have you guys watched Kirkman's latest, Outkast on Cinemax yet? We just finished the first episode, definitely worth watching. Loved the atmosphere.

Rot said...

thanks...we've been waiting for that after seeing a trailer, but didn't realize it started.

girl6 said...

ahhhh.ha!!. i suspected that this may actually be pretty good. i really dig radcliff & mcavoy a lot, so i've been wanting to check it out. i just reserved it online with my free library. : D

even tho, my most favourite horror movies are still the original, universal monster releases & literary wise, i'm still faithful to bram stoker & mary shelley, i still can't help, but, to be excited when someone takes a stab with their version of those classics & add some new love!

anne rice has done her homages with her vampires, mummy, ghosts, werewolves & her mayfair witches trilogy etc. funny tho, my favourite of her offerings are the mayfair witches, really left an impression on me.

i think "penny dreadful" has done a wonderful wonderful job of not only retelling the universal monsters stories, was also successful in weaving all the worlds together into one coherent story line. amazing show!

i think the bud abbott/lou costello.."meet franenstein", "the invisible man", "the mummy", etc are all really cool too. i never took it as them making fun, but more of them adding some lightheartedness to bleak situations. some pretty funny moments in those movies, especially with larry talbot..<333!!!

the 2 found footage homages. that come to mind are..."the frankenstein theory"...2013..not a perfect film, but, the retelling is very original, with an interesting appearance made by the creature & where he's been all these yrs...hahahha..i kinda love it. & recently, we just watched "the pyramid"...2014..starring denis o'hare (american horror story---hahahha)..this movie definitely had problems, but, the acting was solid, amazing sets (done so well with a small budget--really caught the perfect vibe). it opens with the classic archaeological team on a dig, but..the villain is not a mummy, but something MUCH older & scarier actually. pretty clever!

& then there's Frankenhooker..HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!...the best. sucha crazy little film. how can ya not love it or at least enjoy ti's comedic genius.

ohhhh & Fulci's "house by the cemetery"...where the creature is building itself in the basement!!!..brilliant.

so yeah, i love my classic monsters, but i always HOPE for some NEW love to be thrown into the mix. i feel the same way about found footage films too. i don't ever give up on them. the stakes are just higher that's all. gotta keep trying & looking for the good stuff. it is out there, just gotta dig.

& lastly...i love james mcavoy!!! he's so witty & talented & just when i thought i couldn't love him more, i saw him on an interview recently, saying how he just finished work on an m. night shyamalan film ("split") in philly. yeah mean, he actually called philly---Philly. i love him even more now. : )

girl6 said...

radcliffe & mcavoy remind me of like roman polanski & his buddy in "the fearless vampire killers"...hahahha..for some reason!!.<333 can't wait to see it!!. : )

The Gill-Man said...

There have been a few flicks like this. I don't understand some of the negative reviews Crimson Peak got either...I personally thought it was a great film with lots of atmosphere and character interaction.

girl6 said...

Crimson Peak IS BOSS!!...soooo Romantic too!!
Guillermo is way underappreciated, happens to the greats sometimes.

Vintage Seance said...

Oh I wanted to see this! Now I'll definitely check it out :)