Tuesday, May 24, 2016

John Carpenter Will Executive Produce The Next Halloween Film

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Thanks, Joe!


Rot said...

had to look it up...I was fuzzy on it:
The role of the Executive Producer is to oversee the work of the producer on behalf of the studio, the financiers or the distributors. They will ensure the film is completed on time, within budget, and to agreed artistic and technical standards.

Sara said...

My hopes are already too high.

Amy said...

These quotes are what got me beyond excited...that wind reference :)

"Halloween needs to return to its traditions," Carpenter said, in a statement. "I feel like the movies have gotten away from that. Michael [Myers, the series' iconic killer] is not just a human being; he's a force of nature, like the wind. That's what makes him so scary."

"We made the original Halloween for very little money," he explained. "At heart it's just a good, scary story, and that's why it works. 38 years later, I'm going to help to try to make the tenth sequel the scariest of them all."

Gotta be a version on the original mask right? How could it not be!?

The Gill-Man said...

Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled like the last 80 or so attempts at a new Halloween movie!

Hallowaltz said...

He was a producer on The Fog remake.. yeesh.

Its fun that he's involved though, hopefully he'll have some input (music, shots, story, etc) instead of just being a name they attach to the film to sell tickets.

Rot said...

Yeah...I'm TRYING to be hopeful, but that FOG remake soiled my opinion of the guy. He was asked about how he felt about folks remaking his films and he blurted out "as long as I get a paycheck"

I get that side of it...but if that's the first thing you say to an interview question...knowing that horror fans are listening... it's kinda bad.

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHAHHA..The Fog remake...Boris the Blade & Superman all in one movie!!!..hahahha when i watched it, i was so distracted by Tom Wellings face, didn't matter what the heck i was watchin. dag man, that face!!.<3

yeah JC said, he's happy every time one of his films is remade cause he gets a paycheck!!!. hahahahhaha...God Bless em tho..ooops, sorry, he already is. : )

he offered to direct Halloween H20, but, he wasn't happy with the pay, so he declined.. : D

man, he is ONE dude that absolutely don't give a flying _________. he's out there in his own Universe, doing his own thing & every once in awhile he lets us in. imagine, he's made like one of the greatest horror film of all time & i think he really views it as..."yeah, ok whatever"...HAHAHAHHA..i love that human being. he's just doin what he wants. : )

Amy said...

I feel like he has had an awakening recently with the Lost Theme's releases, or I am hoping he has. The Fog release was 11 years ago, and that was before the Zombie remakes.

Two other interesting things I've read..

They don't know if it will be a prequel, sequel or reboot.

They want him to score it with his son Cody

and Carpenter said "So..I decided, after bitching for years and years about Halloween sequels, I would come aboard and shepherd this thing"

As you've said though...hoping this isn't just a big cash grab.

girl6 said...

he might full of poop..But...i don't think he's a liar.
so i'm IN. : )

Rot said...

I have faith in him.
Funny..i too feel like he had a reawakening of sorts...making new music...going on tour.. my god if he SCORES this film!

girl6 said...

Right On Rot..can you imagine if he did!!!! OMG...seems like the stars are STILL aligning..Bring it JC..bring it!!

P.S...speaking of stars..isn't StarMan so beautiful!!. : )

The Gill-Man said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard the news was "I hope he at least does the score".

girl6 said...

& then......there was that one time..
when JC sued Luc Besson. Luc ripped off Escape from New York when he did Lockout. JC won & Luc HAD to pay $$$. HAHAHAHA!! Right On John. it's not revenge man, it's punishment. i still love Luc tho, even with being a dirty rat, biter. : D

The Creeping Cruds said...

Project Greenlight shed a lot of light on the varying roles of executive producer in their 2015 series. You had the impossibly arrogant and shrewd Effie Brown as the EP as performed duties specifically described in Rot's first response here - then a whole other bunch of people who added all sorts of support.
In the end it appeared this EP's job was solely to completely subvert and stymie the director at every stop. Fascinating season regardless. Anyone interested in those inner workings should check it out..

EP in JC's case here could mean anything - including simply being supportive financially.
EP's typically stay of of the creative side but we have to hope in this case that it not the deal, right?!

girl6 said...

the PGA has been cracking down on this Producer (all types) thing. titles were being handed out like candy to people that pretty much didn't do anything at all.

& then there's the "Presents" slapped on movie pkg. man, that is such bait for trying to hook someone's wallet. you see your favourite directors name or franchise name & you get all giddy!! but, beware....hahaha

Vintage Seance said...

Oh good god I hope this turns out awesome!