Saturday, May 28, 2022

Modern Stuff

Two analytical videos below that I thought were pretty good.  

Click each to watch...


Revenant Manor said...

There are some interesting points in the 'Modern Monsters' video, but while accurately pointing out the tiresome and entirely-too-homogeneous look and feel issue, it sort of seemed to gloss over (or entirely disregard) a few things that seem to be major contributors to the problem:

- Yes, the artists renderings appear similar, and some of that is certainly due to derivative mimicry, but movie producers / financers / directors are often defining the parameters of what they want to appear on screen, and artists are often likely just rendering within fairly rigid guidelines

- The monsters themselves seem generic as much because of their lack of individual characterization and attributes as for their physical similarities (e.g., we all know the rules, capabilities, & attributes for a Mogwai / Gremlin, Xenomorph, or Predator, etc., but not so much for the Demogorgon, et al), and that seems like a storytelling / director issue as much as it is one of lackluster creature design.

Personally, I think the answer is just to turn everything over to Guillermo del Toro, and just let him run Monster Hollywood. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rot said...

Yeah, I didn't agree with everything in both of those videos (as I felt THE PURGE was a unique horror idea) and I too was thinking of how everything now flows through a committee of uncreative people wanting to have a say. And definitely telling the designers to "make it like that creature in Stranger Things!" And I get that he who provides the money is making this possible, but somewhere along the decades it made them feel entitled to have an influence in the film and not just have faith in the film makers.