Saturday, May 21, 2022

Night Of A Thousand Corpses

Man, there's so much here.  A Hell Hole with a sign saying as much (Hell's always open; even on Christmas).  A guillotine where the executioner paints 'Happy Halloween' with the latest victim's blood (assumption:  I'd hate to have my head chopped off with a blade that still had some other person's blood on it).  Floating eyeballs.  

And a smoking Coffin Creature with the biggest hands ever.  I'd run to this house every year if I lived nearby.  And you know the guy is known as Mr. Halloween.


K.O. said...

Man, I love everything about their setup. That would absolutely be my favorite house on the block. And that guillotine is the PERFECT photo op. Genius!

Rot said...

Agreed about the guillotine being a great photo op! Kids would pose in that thing all night long.