Saturday, May 14, 2022

Trailer: Cursed Films

This documentary series on Shudder is primo.  Definitely not sensationalized, and really respectful of the subject matter.  I've watched two so far, The Omen and The Crow, and it was truly fascinating.  Extremely well directed, with very poignant interviews.

Thanks, Wren.  I was craving a good documentary and feel like I've gone through them all already.  Shudder is proving to be golden.

Click below for the trailer...


Revenant Manor said...

Lots of awful / tragic things associated with many of those movies (the ratio of associated deaths does seem strangely high), but for some reason, what happened with Brandon Lee is the one that hits home somehow?

On the surface, it seems like one of those movies I would ordinarily have seen a dozen times, but instead it's one I never go back to...I have owned it since its release, but the gut-punch of his death remains weirdly upsetting in a way that kind of prevents me from ever pressing play.

Rot said...

Same with the repeat watching. I saw this film in the theater when it was released and LOVED it. But for whatever reason have never watched it again. And I own it as well.
Recently, and certainly after watching this mini-documentary, I have been itching to see it again.

Revenant Manor said...

OK, so I finally did it...I grabbed the dusty disc off of the stack of physical media that I've been planning to rip, got it ready to watch streaming from my NAS like the modern man I am, and finally faced my fears.

I would just like to state for the record that 'The Crow' totally holds up, Brandon was 100% the right choice to play that role (duh), and I felt that watching the thing he gave his life to film honors him somehow.

If you haven't already done so, please consider scratching the itch.

Rot said...

Hey, that's great to know!
I have not done so yet. But definitely will!