Monday, May 23, 2022

Who Wields Me Wields The World

He talked to the old man, getting no answers.

"You worked the field all your life because you _had_ to, and one day you came across your own life growin' there. You knew it was yours. You cut it. And you went home, put on your grave clothes, and your heart gave out and you died. That's how it was, wasn't it? And you passed the land on to me, and when I die, I'm supposed to hand it over to someone else."

Drew's voice had awe in it. "How long a time has this been goin' on? With nobody knowin' about this field and its use except the man with the scythe . . ."

Quite suddenly he felt very old. The valley seemed ancient, mummified, secretive, dried and bent and powerful. When the Indians danced on the prairie it had been here, this field. The same sky, the same wind, the same wheat. And, before the Indians? Some Cro-Magnon, gnarled and shag-haired, wielding a crude wooden scythe, perhaps, prowling down through the living wheat.

Ray Bradbury, The Scythe


whynotgrl67 said...

Love this one so much .

Rot said...

Yeah. It's SUCH a great story. And I figured my scythe would make for a great photo for it.