Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Trailer: Cast A Deadly Spell

I saw this on a horror site and have never heard of this Fred Ward film before.  And I was there in the theater back when Remo Williams came out.   

In a fantastical 40's where magic is used by everyone, a hard-boiled detective investigates the theft of a mystical tome.

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Rot said...

I'd like to be described as 'hard-boiled'

Revenant Manor said...

It was another one of those days, so hot outside that even the sunlight wanted to head inside just to cool off.

The kind of day that was packing more heat than I was, and it was way too early in the year for it, too.
I’d just stopped by Rot’s place, a cozy little hole in the wall where you could get the skinny on all sorts of gab that wasn’t to be had at any of the regular joints.

Taking a load off with a Manhattan already in hand, and a slice of cherry pie to wash it down, I settle in to get my daily dose of fall in the summer.

One gander at the broadsheets, though, and suddenly the hooch sat forgotten.

There’s no record playing, but I hear the needle scratch anyway; it felt like a Sunday punch to the mug.

Fred Ward, star of the classic Remo Williams, was in an undiscovered talkie! He's playing a gumshoe named ‘Lovecraft’ slinging hard-boiled gab while flanked by magic, monsters, and zombies, AND Clancy Brown is along for the ride?!

Gob-smacked, I tumble to the notion that the tale is true, and that while the first-run was missed in the picture house, it’s OK because I see that the recently revealed reel is running right now on HBO Max.

Both the heat and pie are forgotten; it's time to find the nearest talk box, and get a double-barrel blast of magic and noir.

The whiskey is coming along for the ride...

Rot said...

Holy moly. That was quite perfect.

Revenant Manor said...

It just seemed that having the role of proprietor of a shadowy Halloween speakeasy could be a great way for you to be 'hard-boiled'.

You know...a purveyor of fine 'spirits' ;)

Rot said...

Rot's Gin Mill is gonna happen.

Revenant Manor said...


Most gins just use the same lame variations of juniper,flowers, and dried fruit....keeping with the prohibition era theme, I think you might have something unique to offer:

Rot said...

Worse than the Death Bloom!

The Gill-Man said...

It was a made-for-cable movie back in the day. It vanished for years, not available on any sort of home video platform. Really happy it has returned to HBO Max. More folks need to see this gem