Sunday, July 19, 2009


Jaw breakers.
I remember eating these things as a kid and every adult within two miles making a contorted face and a comment about how they couldn't eat something like that. Well, now I fully understand. My teeth aren't what they used to be. I swear I felt the shockwave in my feet.

If you're at Michael's craft stores and see a pile of these babies and a few that have Halloween colors, don't fall for it.

I beat this one to death with a hammer. Many times.


The Captain said...

I broke a tooth on a peppermint a few months back, I'm not even walking past a jaw-breaker!

Jay's Shadow said...

i remember when i was younger having one of thes in my mouth for hours. and when it finally got down to the size of a pea, i would bite into it and it would still be as hard as a rock!
good times

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Jason-v said...

WOW!!! That thing looks hard!!!!