Thursday, July 16, 2009


My entire life, my father has been riding my butt about saving money. He harassed us as kids to turn off lights and twist water spigots violently-tight so they wouldn't drip (we probably cost him more money in ruined rubber washers than he saved from dripless faucets). He'd scrape a spoon in our discarded yogurt containers to show us how much we wasted (on one occasion he made me eat it). He collected the washing machine's rinse water to water the tomato plants in the yard (we'd joke that the tomatoes were huge and red, but tasted like socks and underwear). The guy's CHEAP. Really cheap. He'd even sneak into our room in the hot summer (no central air conditioning or window unit) and turn off our ceiling fan.

Yes - cheap.

Found a place that sells eco-friendly cardboard coffins. He's totally going in one of these when he goes.

Hell, maybe just this one.

I'd email him the link, but he doesn't have a computer. He's too cheap.


Sara said...

lol. Funny story.

As a youngster I accidentally poured too much A-1 steak sauce on my steak at dinner and it filled up the whole plate. Going with the theme of this post, I think you can figure out what happened next. I still can't stand the stuff. I think it took me alllll night to polish that plate clean. Bleh.

Jason-v said...

Ha! Now ive seen it all...

JHMDF said...

Damn man, shutting the fan off??? That would drive me nuts!

The Captain said...

You could go one step cheaper and just use the box that the coffin comes shipped in.

Mr. Macabre said...

Your father and my mother must be kin, except I would (and still) get the lecture of 'waste not want not, back in my day we didn't have bla bla bla and you're so wasteful and someday you might not have bla bla bla to waste'.
I feel your pain.