Thursday, July 9, 2009

For A Nice Quick Burial

...this solid pine coffin kit has an assembly time of 30 minutes with only a hammer and wood glue required for assembly.

An item being sold on (I just wish it was shaped like a toe-pincher coffin).

I love that it's in the Health & Personal Care section. And I LOVE this part at the bottom:

The Sandler All Wood Coffin Kit

Thanks, Wendy, for the great link.


NecroBones said...

Too funny on that last part. It can still make a good prop, but I'm with you-- I really want the toe-pinchers.

Wendy said...

To really really appreciate it in its fullness, one must also read the lovely customer reviews.

ShellHawk said...


Sara said...

VeeGee's Mommy--you are so right! The comments are really funny.

Jason-v said...

LOL!! Thats great, im actually in the very early process of making a toe pincher!!!