Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scar Stuff And A Tube Of Blood

Remember Scar Stuff? I remember buying that stuff in grade school. A weird pink-ish wax that seemed to have cotton fibers mixed inside. You'd mold it into a long lump with a slice down the center. Then you'd fill the cut with some fake blood - a tiny tube with a thick bright red "blood" that seemed more like red Neosporin than blood. It never looked like a real scar, but when you saw that hanging in the aisle of the pharmacy, you KNEW Halloween was around the corner.

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I knew kids that swore they fooled their parents with giant gashes in their foreheads or arms, but I never really believed them. It looked too fake. But once I wrapped a rubber band around my thumb and colored the tip of my thumb with the lead of a soft pencil. It looked dark and black and blotchy. I remember acting like I felt ill and showed it to my mother - the most gullible woman on earth.


The Gill-Man said...

Oh yeah, I remember scar stuff! The fake blood was really what ruined the effect, as the derma-wax could actually look like skin in some cases.

Dave Lowe said...

I remember scar stuff well...and the tubes of fake blood and vampire teeth in similar packaging.

So true...when you saw these things, Halloween had arrived. For me it was our local Woolworths.

The Captain said...

I miss Woolworth! I loved going to Woolworth as a kid, especially at Halloween time. My mom would never buy me Scar Stuff, but I do remember talking her in to fake blood a few times. I also remember making my own blood out of Caro syrup and red food coloring.

screaminscott said...

I remember trying to do an entire freddy kruger face in this stuff. I think I actually adhered it using liquid latex.

Cabrina said...

That and Tooth Out. Which came in the same kinda package. It worked for the most part, till you ate your first pice of candy as you were trick or treating and you realized a snicker stole your blacked out tooth.