Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In The Corn

And don't open my pantry, Father.
I found one of them in there and locked him in.

5 comments: said...

When i saw Signs in the movie theater, at that exact moment in the cornfield scene where you see the leg, the power went out due to a thunder storm and everyone screamed like the aliens were in the theater.

Rot said...


I remember people screaming at the Brazilian video scene. And I'm pretty sure I was one of them.

Sara said...

Gah, I love that movie so much. I wore out the copy I own on DVD. In fact, my husband and I just quoted it this morning! :)

M. Night staring in his own movies cracks me up. I love that guy.
I also miss Mel Gibson when he was only kinda crazy....hah, come to think of it I miss Joaquin Phoenix when he was only kinda crazy , too.

Great, great shot....makes me wish I had a corn field in my yard on October 31st.

Anonymous said...

i wish my back yard was like this....the fun i could have

The Captain said...

Good movie, great photo!