Friday, September 25, 2009

Day Out

Day off to shop for Halloween stuff and work on props.
Picked up some cool things at Target.

Bought this simply because it was a glass pumpkin bottle, and the ghouly martini sounded fun.

Cheap string of pumpkin lights.

And Bean put this guy on the stove.

Going to go build some props. : )


Sara said...

mmmm, mulled cider! yum!

Jay's Shadow said...

I am about to blow up our Target...seems like people in this county wait till the last moment to put out their halloween stuff. At least I have Spirit's Halloween store to got to.
(Maybe I should open my own shop...)

Rot said...

: )

Sara, that's actually just water in there... we warm it up for the scent.

Though I SHOULD pour apple cider in there.

All Together Dead said...

so have you tried the Mojito or Martini yet????

Rot said...

We tried the blood orange one and it's really good. Even without vodka.

But I'm a dirty martini kind of guy, so the sweetness of it is something to get used to.