Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Case Files

Been reading some of the case files from the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, a group featured prominently on my favorite series - The Haunted.

This was a second visit to this location by The PPA. During the first investigation, a lot of physical evidence was collected to establish paranormal activity was occurring at this home, including doors opening and closing, coins being thrown in certain rooms and a shadow figure was capture on video. After an initial cleansing, the family reported a reduction in activity for some time. After a trip to Italy, the family noted a reoccurrence in the activity but different from before. The family reported having bottles thrown across different rooms, seeing black masses, hearing voices, having quarters thrown at them from nowhere, cold spots and doors opening and closing. The family was once again asking for help reducing the activity. Refer to initial investigation for more information - Case No. 10-11-047 Upper Darby.

I found it really interesting that a large number of cases conclude with no physical evidence whatsoever. The abundance of paranormal tv programs make it seem like every investigation is just packed with creepy goings on.

Click here for more case files.


screaminscott said...

Well, I don't really find it strange that there is no good physical evidence, because I don't beleive that there is such a thing as the paranormal.

Yes, I love to fantasize about spooky things and what the world might be like if such things existed. Ghost stories, horror movies, and Halloween are all fun.

But really, in an time period when everyone has a cell phone camera that records video, and there seems to be a security camera in every building and on every street corner, you'd think that we could get reliably repeatable videos and pictures of ghosts if they existed.

Ghosts are fun to imagine, but they aren't real. (IMHO)