Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And They Took Me Out Of The House.

The most striking physical feature are the eyes, I think. They're frightening, they're black, almost liquidy. That's the first thing that I've noticed. And then, the skin's white. They look very frail to me, like you could hurt them if you were able to, but you're not able to.

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Sara said...

Have you seen the Siberian Alien in the snow? My brothers are OBSESSED with aliens right now and I just saw that footage a few days ago. Fun stuff. Also, there's an eerie youtube video of a complilation of all of the ufo sightings that have made national news lately and ends with a creepy phone call from a radio station with some guy on the line who worked for Area 51. It gets cut off right in the middle of the call.

Rot said...

JUST watched it...never heard of it until you mentioned it.
Looks neat.

What's the link to that Area51 vid???

Sara said...

enjoy!...if you can, knowing that aliens are secretly infiltrating our population. :)