Monday, April 25, 2011

The Tatum House Ghost

An early riser, Jim always got up hours before Kay, and when she woke, she would ring a bell if she needed anything upstairs. One day, Jim heard what he assumed was Kay ringing the bell, but when he got up there, he realized Kay was asleep.
After the third time this happened, they decided to make up a code in order to outwit the entity. Kay would ring the bell three times if she wanted Jim to come upstairs. One morning Jim heard the call, but Kay was sound asleep, and the bell was in the other bedroom. When he turned around and walked out, the bell rang again.
"I was frightened." He confesses. "My hair stood up on my neck. I told Kay then, no more bell. I'm not going to answer that bell anymore, and that bell has not rung since."

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