Friday, April 29, 2011


Click below to watch the trailer and a clip at Dread Central.
I still haven't gotten tired of the found-footage gimmick.


Sharon Day said...

I have to admit, it pulls me in every time. I think it's the urban legend feel of the lost footage idea. Reminds me of that scene in "The Changeling" when he plays back the recording from the seance. Chills!

FoolishCop said...

When it's done well -- Rec, Cloverfield, even The Blair Witch Project (until the end) -- the "found footage" style of movie can be exceptionally engrossing.

Too often, though, it's simply a cheap way to make a movie that directors are trying to cash in on. The cameras are often too jerky, but worse, the plot is very thin. That was my problem with Blair Witch: it just seemed like the director didn't know how to end the film so he did just that -- ended it. I like some explanation or finality with my movies.

"Evidence," though, seems like it could very well fall into the former category. And if is right, it was made for just over $12,000 (see note above about making movies on the cheap).


Anonymous said...

I agree. I always liked the idea of basically looking through someone else's eyes.

Marrow said...

I love em. This one looks awesome!

Hal9thou said...

Too "Blair Witch" rip-off for my taste, but... the Aliens have finally landed and they are US!!! Mwhahahahahahaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!