Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Resting Place

At Love Manor.


Anonymous said...

what amazing composition. Beautiful AND haunting at the same time.

Rot said...

Yeah. This guy does amazing work.

But he's been holding out on showing his 2010 photos.

I'm about to organize a petition campaign.

Matt L. said...

start it up, I'll sign it. Big fan of his work.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Beautiful and haunting and amazing.

John said...

Thank you Rot and everyone else!
(For ROT: goofed and posted previously on someone else's computer under their alias Amy)

It always makes the day so much more enjoyable when I see posts/comments like this.

Pictures will be up very soon! Been working on set a lot and it's been killing my free time. I might just have to sign that petition myself! But for now, here's something else to taunt you with.