Thursday, August 22, 2013


Took some days off to work on the Haunt.  Won't be posting as much today or tomorrow.

Here's some Halloween music though.  Perhaps the only GOOD thing to come from Halloween: Resurrection.

Click Busta:


Shani said...

Good for you! Enjoy your time off and working on your haunt! :-)

Rot said...

Will do.

Been fun. A little humid to be working in the yard...and mosquitoes are hovering. I'm covered in DEET!

girl6 said...

You Halloween LOVER YOU!!!!.. :D
Have FUN dude & KICK some Prop Booty with your Girl "super b." (i LOVE her stripey tights & the pic too BTW--SUPER DUPER Gahhhhhhhhh)...<33333

Busta!!!!..hahahha..he's Always frowning but he can be pretty Hilarious & that stint with Martha Stewart!!!..hahahhahahahaha!!!!..STILL cracks me UP!!!..

AND...that Track is sooooo Exciting...OMFG!!..i wanna hear it's Angelic & Devilish!!...Yipppppeeeeeee
i ALL Amped up NOW!!!!!..
maybe, i'll run outside.. : D

Adam said...

For a second i thought it was gonna be a Busta Rhymes song from the movie. I thought you had lost your marbles, claiming it was a good thing

Shani said...

Yeah today is a bit humid! I think it's supposed to get better starting tomorrow. Omg....speaking of mosquitoes.....our yard has been over run this year...makes it hard to even just sit outside to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the night.


Willow Cove said...

I was going to work on some stuff outside too, but now it's raining. At least it will cool off if I am in the garage.

Shani said...

I would LOVE to have a garage. We do have a basement...but the ceiling height isn't optimal for doing any prop building or even crafting :-(. Hopefully we'll get some kind of a shed that works better for that kind of stuff in the future!!

Sara said...

Lol!!!! I saw Busta and had to comment. Great music. I say, if you are a true fan of the original film, it's best to always find the silver lining with the rest of 'em! ;)

Ahaha. I'm admitting to watching this movie more than I should, and I'm sad Tyra's death scene was cut. Just sayin'.

Sara said...

Ok, my husband heard the music playing and asked about the movie(he hadn't seen it) and I started telling him the plot and realized how ashamed I should feel about watching it as much as I do. Er, I mean DID.

Lol. What a lame ass movie! Sigh.

Rot said...

i saw this travesty in the theater.
i left telling myself that it wasn't all that bad.
totally lying to myself.

girl6 said...

i STILL haven't seen this film.
i mean come on, how the hell, could it Ever be good, Especially with Tyra Banks in the cast..Ewwwww

i saw like 15 mins on cable or somewhere like that & i just turned it off...i couldn't even finish watching it.

girl6 said...

butttttttttt...the SONG is Happiness
kinda like the way "Ode to Joy" is.


girl6 said...

Ohhhhh & rot..i meant "Halloween LOVER" as in the Holiday.

i Still <3 Busta.. : D

Amy said...

H2, H3, H6 all epic soundtracks.

I just put my order in for an aged H6 mask from Chris Morgan at wicked mask productions. It's jaw dropping!