Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today is Ray Bradbury's birthday. 
He would have been 93 today.
Hope he's with the October People.


Shani said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Rot...this post reminded me of something. Have you ever seen or heard about a print from Frank Frazetta called Autumn People? I had gotten a copy of it years ago and ended up losing it along the way with moving. I for the life of me can't seem to find it anywhere....and I know you are a expert in that area! :-)

It has been awhile since I've looked but I figured 4 eyes are better then 2? ;-).

Addicted to Halloween said...

I have a high-res version of this I like to use as my wallpaper in the fall.

girl6 said...

here ya go..
The Frank Frazetta Museum site

they have a wide variety of prints, "Autumn People" being one of them.

Shani said...

That's where I got the original print that I lost. The museum is pretty cool. Haven't been able to get back there...but hopefully we will at some point and if we do....that's the first thing I'm getting. It's my absolute favorite piece of art work from Frazetta.

I had tried to search for it on the net awhile back with no luck. Could be user error though.....that happens some times ;-)

Shani said...

Just wanted to add that apparently the museum is closed at this time. But you can buy prints from the of them being Autumn People! Sweet!!

girl6 said...

oh yeah, the museum had been closed for a while, BUT if you Really want it, they do mail order..

in fact, i just ordered something 2 weeks back..

girl6 said...

Oh & any decent framing gallery, will order prints for you as well, we ordered stuff for customers ALL the time.

P.S...Ohhh Ray. :(
i'm STILL too Sad at his passing.

he & Lovecraft almost have the same B day.
i felt like i knew Ray tho, he was soooo Familiar to me.<33333