Thursday, August 15, 2013

Signs And Portents

...something wonderful.

Image by girl6.


Autumnleaf said...

YOWza...already? Is that this year's crop? I even like the cartons!

Autumnleaf said...'s an omen. Although I can't believe the local schools are back in session already...which means get rid of the back to school stuff and start on Halloween now, right??

Rot said...

Fingers crossed

Willow Cove said...

Excellent. Gonna start stocking up on candy now. Becaus of haunt prop building, I always wait t the last minute to get some.

Anonymous said...

Road trip to Girl6's house.

bean said...

Oh, Girl6! Loving this photo...


girl6 said...

it's my Super Fresh!!!..hahahaha
Neither super Nor fresh.
i think it is my home away from home. :(

Oh Lord, & we just came from there.
Everrrrry Thursday night, me, Carl & mom, it's a Circus!.
Honestly, i could just hang myself. : D

after All this pining, Halloween is just around the corner, & Every year at this time i start to feel shell shocked or's like OMGGGG, then i begin thinking about it ALL being Over before it's even hiss

Thanks for the pic post Rot. :):):)
Thank You bean..<333333333