Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karen Black

Strange to have just read about Karen Black's passing.  She seemed to be in so many films I watched when I was young.  And she always seemed so solid and centered in her roles - and so normal.  The perfect actress to be in the unstable setting of a horror film.  She made it seem real.

And I'm not sure if it's appropriate to mention in a blog post like this, but she was my first boyhood crush.  Though I'm thinking she'd get a kick out of that.  I hope she would.

Rest in peace, Ms. Black.


Anonymous said...

She was an awesome actress. R.I.P

NoahFentz said...

Agreed. She was on so many levels of Hot.

It was very cool you see her in House of 1000 corpses.

RIP Ms.Black

Jon Glassett said...

Very sad to hear this. She was truly great.

girl6 said...

She'll Forever be, ONE of the brightest starlights,
the Universe has Ever seen Glow.

P.S..even Lovelier than Ginger. :)
and...You're STILL Young dude.

Rot said...

: D

Sara said...

As soon as you posted this, my dad made a comment that Katen Black had died, and my mom was all, "who?"

Lol must be a guy thing ;)