Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now Playing: Burying The Monster

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Anonymous said...

Now I feel the need to watch a zombie movie.

I just happened to see a screen shot for your 2006 BLIGHT scarecrow video, so of course I had to watch it.

I miss Blight. He was so cool.

R.I.P Blight

girl6 said...

such a Cool mix...sorta garagey too..<3333333's worf's bro!!.. : D

i met tony todd once, at a horror convention, he seemed sorta world weary, a little sad i guess, the kind of feelings that probably come from feeling UnderAppreciated.
such a Shame too, cause he's such a Great screen & stage actor. i heard his turn as Othello was pretty Awesome!.
ahhhhh someday, the world will know.

i miss (Cranky) worf......sometimes.. :)