Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fright Night Part 2

Two screen caps from this underrated film.
I love his pad.

Found a HD version on youtube if you're interested in watching the film (though don't even think about it if you haven't seen the first film). CLICK

And...the first film is right here. CLICK


Unknown said...

THANK YOU!! I love Roddy Mcdowall-especially in "The Legend of Hell House":) Just found your blog and I am not only impressed, but astounded. I have so many questions that I'm sure you have already answered. I'll start reading, I guess. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to my favorite holiday...

Rot said...


We worship the Legend of Hell House in this house.

Steve Ring said...


girl6 said...

Roddy!!!!!!!..i LOVE YOU!!!.. :D

duuuuuude..this is Such a TREAT!!!
MEGA Thanks man!!.<333333

Rot said...

The lighting in this scene is reason alone to love this movie.

This is a perfect example of a sequel which in no way harmed the original film.

It was so much fun seeing the characters back in action.

Rot said...

And it's the same director as Halloween III...Tommy Lee Wallace.

girl6 said...

i just watched this, a few hours ago.
sooooo Cool, to check it out Again, after soooooo Lonnnnnnnng!.

& You're Totally right, the lighting is insanely Beautiful.
& Peter Vincent's apt. IS Totally swooooooooooon worthy material..LOVE!!

Ohhhh & it was Fun, watching Alex choose the Greg Hildebrandt (he & his bro were so Big in the 80's) illustrated version, of Dracula in the library..wOw.

i also dug, how the "vampire clan" reminded me of
"Prince & the Revolution"...hahahhahaha.
BIG Crazy Love for that!.. : D

anyways, i guess you can tell, i had Loads of FUN
& LOVED watching it.
i don't know if it's avaialble on dvd, BUT, i gotta buy it sometime & Proudly file it next to the 1st Night.

Thanks Again!!!.<333

RIP RODDY...You Grand Soul YOU!!!

Hal9thou said...

OMG! I'd rather watch "Square Pegs" or "Herman's Head" reruns than this travesty! Thanks for reminding me how much I hated this sequel!

girl6 said...


travesty...there's that word Again.
must be an Epidemic.