Thursday, August 7, 2014

Halloween 6: Soundtrack

Alan Howarth's Halloween 6 was released theatrically, but there was also the Producers cut that is now released in the upcoming Halloween Box Set. Here for the first time is the soundtrack from both the Producers Cut and an Expanded Theatrical soundtrack that utilized the required Carpenter themes but featured many new original sonic landscapes, Electric guitars, drums and rock influence. Halloween 6 Double CD is a must for all Halloween fans.

Compared to the Busta Rhymes Halloween film, this deserves an Oscar, but it still sucked eggs.  Though the music is really fantastic.  Happy to see an expanded release soundtrack (though I'm bummed about the price).  Hopefully there's a digital release on the cheap.

Click below to order:

And click here for a track from the original release:


Sara said...

Amen. Although the film had some good imagery.

Rot said...

felt like it took place on Halloween, so that was great.
and the actors were all terrific

Amy said...

WHOLE LEE SH*T ROT! I might have to hold off listening to this until the leaves start to turn, but this is huge news!

H6 was the only Halloween that was actually filmed in Oct, and it really comes across on screen. The bonfire party gives off great halloweenie vibes. It reminds me of the haunted hayride we hit every year in West Chester, Pa :)

Thanks for posting many great packages will be arriving in early autumn.

girl6 said...

hahahahhaha..that's because Busta should donned the MM mask!.

yeah man, GREAT tracks tho!!.
i'm gonna see if i can find this used & snatch it up.
i have found the BEST used stuff, in MINTY condition & CHEAP..i LOVE recycling & shopping Local, when i can!!

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

I actually saw Halloween 4 for the first time recently; while I thought some of it was seriously annoying (the more absurd kill scenes, and the schmaltzy "cute kid" elements of Danielle Harris' character), I liked it more than I thought I would. Especially the great opening shots over the opening credits. Pure Halloween, that was.

Rot said...

I'm a fan of H4.
Loomis is GREAT in it.

If there HAD to be a sequel after they blew Myers up in H2, then I'm glad 4 was it.
They should have stopped there though.

LOVED the opening titles.
Nothing like it.

Sara said...

^ I think 4 rocked, and 5 could possibly be the WORST out of the entire series.

And that is saying a lot.

#4 Was my first intro to Michael. The first one I watched and it just haunted me. I still remember seeing it as a young girl and my stomach turning at the end of it with Jaime on the stairs with the bloody scissors breathing heavily.

Ugh, Halloween H2O and Resurrection were So. BAD.

Sigh. LOL, I know. Broken record. said...

this tickles me to see this news, because i purchased a 'bootleg' directors cut of H6 at a comic book and card show in Niagara Falls, NY almost twenty years ago after its release in theaters. the video quality was sh*t, but i preferred the plotline and resolution on the directors cut by far. it makes me wonder if this directors cut with alternate ending is what you are referring to here with this re-release...

as a die hard Halloween fan, i remember thinking H6 was a great and unique adaptation of the plot themes (the pagan tie in with the old lady down the street, and tommy all grown up), and it made me hopeful for the future of the franchise...until they brought LL Cool J me some LL, but not with Michael Myers... ;/

Amy said...

Did you end up ordering this Rot? If so, how long did it take to ship?

Ordered mine last sunday, but nothing yet..

Rot said...

I hate to admit that I did not order it due to the sticker price.

I have the original release so I was hoping he'd eventually do a digital only release.

Hope you get it soon.