Sunday, August 24, 2014

VHS Designs

A retro take on modern horror films by Chris MacGibbon. 

More images here.


Anonymous said...

These are so cool.

I kind of miss the VHS days.

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

Wonderful. This is really awesome.

Oh, off topic, but I LOVE the new banner image for the blog. Any clues as to the theme of this year's haunt?

Adam said...

Now THIS is a cool concept. I remember hours of my childhood spent in the video store looking at the 80's style VHS covers. Specifically Ghoulies, Troll, Sleepaway camp and Demon Wind, which was the best because it had a cover that changed when you moved it and the monster popped through the bedroom window. C.H.U.D was also a big one and so was Gothic, that had that picture of some impish looking creepy guy on a bed where a girl was sleeping. So much good art. What happened

Rot said...

Totally miss the VHS days.

no clues this year.
I thought about giving a hint, but I figure a Halloween day reveal is more appropriate for this year's them : )

girl6 said...

This is Wonderful.<3
i LOVE burning movies for people & making (redesigning) the art for the dvd case holder.
gives you so much freedom to do whatever you want & it can turn into a really fun customized gift for someone you dig, makes em feel good.

& YES!..NO clues.
it's going to be Magnificent to be TOTALLY surprised!..<333
we can dream about what ya got in that sack of yours, King Halloween. :)

P.S...i think the first vhs i ever purchased was Rear Window & of course i still have it.

does anyone remember the first vhs they purchased?

K.O. said...

What a cool idea! It's kinda like re-designing movie posters, but with a nostalgic twist. Good ol' VHS. These are awesome.

Ragged Grin said...

Love these. Probably have over 200 in storage. Nostalgia for a magical childhood probably keeps me from dropping them at a church rummage sale.

Anonymous said...

My first VHS was Heavy Metal.

Rot said...

I hate to admit that I can't remember my first VHS.
i remember owning KRULL, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't my first.

Sara said...

"no clues this year.
I thought about giving a hint, but I figure a Halloween day reveal is more appropriate for this year's them : )" that a clue??;)

This particular concept is very clever.

Also, maybe VHSs will make a strange comeback sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Rot said...

them = theme

: )

Sara said...

Oh, I read it as theme. I just was reading into the fact that you suggested Halloween day would be more appropriate for the reveal. :)

For the last 5 years (which is just freaking CRAZY where has the time gone?)I have enjoyed waiting until November 1st to check your blog for the theme. :) So I will wait. I just thought you accidentally let a clue slip.

Carry on!:P

Rot said...

same page now.
I figured you knew what I meant.
And I got what you meant..cause the more I think about it, me not giving a clue is actually me giving a clue : D


Ragged Grin said...

First vhs of my own was Jaws. I remember being super stoked to get the Star Wars VHS once they finally released them. So funny how I despise Lucas now for what he's done.