Thursday, August 7, 2014

Swamp Babies Dig It

Funny photo from my bud Jon.

And speaking of swamp babies, this weekend is the ScareLA convention for all the lucky folks near Los Angeles.

Lots of films in the lineup now.  They added a short description about Swamp Foetus.  I dig it.

Click Here.


Anonymous said...

The only way to quiet down a swamp baby is to give it a good movie to watch.

girl6 said...

this pic is soooo Halloweeny!
diggin on the smokey black & orange. :)

who made that swamp baybeeey?.. : D

Rot said...

: D
That's the prop from the film.
Jon is the keeper of the foetus.

girl6 said...


Willow Cove said...

I'd walk it in a carriage in the park daily!

Shani said...

We finally saw Mr Jones last night!! Movie itself was ok.....creepy but by the end we were both like "Huh?" Could have been because we were also both really tired.

Now on to the important stuff......your scarecrows were AMAZING! I mean seriously beautiful! When they first went down into the basement...I was like a giddy school girl getting a bag full O candy.....awesome scene and totally did your work justice. Cudos to you Sir. John (The Hubby) has seen what I've shown him on here...but seeing in them in that scope.....his response "Holy sh* do we get one of those!"

Very nicely done indeed!

girl6 said...

hahaha..WC..pushin the swamp foetus
around the park in a pram, that's so rosemary's baby!!

Rot said...

Thanks !
Really REALLY appreciate that.
Thanks for watching it : )

Shani said...

You're quite welcome! But do we get one of those? You could drop it off Mr. Jones style ;-) haha

Rot said...

i make house calls : )

Halloween Queen said...

I made sure we made our way to the screening room in time to see Swap Foetus at Scare LA yesterday!! I've watched it before but it was nice seeing it in a larger format!!! It got a really good response, and I thought it was the best one that was shown!!!!!! : )

Rot said...

Thanks for the update!
I've been so curious how it went.