Saturday, May 2, 2015

Almond Eyes

"The Communion cover," Ted Seth Jacobs recounts, "was painted in my small apartment on East 83rd St, in New York City. Whitley sat with me first for a drawing of the Alien. As I sketched, he would indicate how to change the portrait so that it would more match what he saw. It was, I believe, the process used by police sketch artists. Every last detail was corrected according to his instructions. At one point, he said the image corresponded exactly to what he had seen. With Whitley beside me for the subsequent session, I began to paint the image on a wooden prepared panel, going through the same process as for the drawing, until Whitley finally said the image was exact. ... As to the gender of the Alien image, to tell the truth, the subject didn't come up. I don't even know if the 'greys' have gender as we understand it. Whitley corrected the developing image to have a certain fragility, a vulnerability. I suppose we Earthlings usually associate these qualities with femininity."


Adam said...

DUDE! I know we haven't chatted about alien trauma lately haha, but you really are on a role with these creepy alien shots lately! Your brother try and creepy you out again? haha

Rot said...

ha...nah...just been thinking about aliens lately.