Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fear On Film

Thanks, Mike!


Willow Cove said...

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Would be just great if I could of sat in a little corner and out of the way just to watch that in person.

girl6 said...

such a treat to listen to these guys. honestly, this is a prayer for me. especially wonderful listening to Cronenberg, he totally hypnotized me with his comments. he truly is a Genius, soooo well spoken & interesting. you can just tell, he's the real hardcore deal, the way he really thinks about everything & goes into detail, he knows man, he knows &&& he shares, Love that..<333333333

& i never never ever tire of seeing the American Werewolf in London transformation!! i have 2 favourite werewolf transformations, that one & Lon Chaney Jr's of course, doesn't get much better than those 2.

& JC, well he's JC for a reason. : D

wow & John Landis looks so handsome in this clip!!!..awwww...<3

oh & we snagged a copy of Brandon Cronenberg's "Antiviral"...gahhhhhh...i CANNOT wait to listen to the commentary. i always always try to listen to the commentary on EVERY movie i watch, even with movies i didn't care for, cause i wanna know the directors thoughts. i want to kinda be in their head & see what they were trying to deliver. one can never be too informed, is how i view it.

Oh & i had to laugh when they were talking about little kids being too young to view certain horror films...hahahahaha...if they only knew what my parents took to me to see at like 4yrs olds...hahahahhaha..<333333