Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nothing But Star Wars

With this new batch of Star Wars movies better come a re-release of the original Star Wars that I saw in the theaters.  I was watching this video below of the changes that were made over the years and I realized I barely remember the pure original unaltered Star Wars (beings George Lucas blocked digital versions of the original three to ever be distributed).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, wasn't too crazy about the additions they did to they originals.

Rot said...

no need whatsoever to add to them.
Should have just restored the film to its highest quality and re-released them. OR should have always had the original versions available for purchase for old farts like me who miss the ol' days.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

How am I supposed to play with my star wars toys now when I don't have the new/added creatures from the movie? I will feel so incomplete.

girl6 said...

you know, it's so beautiful when an artist creates a piece of work that is so beloved by the fans, it becomes universally iconic even & for that same artist to turn around & deny his fans access to the very object of their Love, is just plain mean & selfish. & this action coming from a man who has been involved & may have even testified (i'm not sure if he did or not) in front of congress against the tampering with of old (classic) films such as colorization etc proves that George Lucas is also a hypocrite as well.

& if you look at it, he has a history of screwing people over in order to do what he wants. who knows this any better than Francis Ford Coppola. have you ever listened to the interview between Coppola & John Milius? it's included in the special features of Apocalypse Now. well, Lucas was Coppola's protege way back when & they went on to have a company together. Coppola had Lucas signed on to direct Apocalypse Now & yes, Lucas just outta the blue decided he wasn't going to do it. So. of course Coppola ended up taking over the direction of the film. he even comes out & says, "hey, i didn't speak to Lucas for a few years after that stunt". & the best part is when John Milius says something like, "yeah, i leaned a lot about George, especially the fact that he would rather jet off to England & sit around studio offices rather than keep his contact & run around the jungles of Vietnam & shoot a film". hahahhaha.. to me that story is such a classic read into the soul of a selfish creature, one that only cares about himself. & you know what, Lucas did the same thing with his film thx 1138, which is my favourite film of his, so i CAN'T see that one in it's original state either, sucha bummer.

& hey sure, Coppola re-did Apocalypse Now, he made changes, BUT, he also kept the original version available to everyone &&&& like it's pretty much been said, "Francis only did the re-do cause he wanted to raise money for a project of his & can we just go ahead & forget about the re-do now, act like it never happened"..hahahha...i can dig that tho. & i have a lot of respect for Francis for moving on from the Hollywood scene too. he makes his own movies now, Only does what he wants to, &" Boo DON'T care!".. :D

so i don't know, i not a big fan of George Lucas, doesn't mean i condone what he did to all his fans tho. fans are SACRED, they should never be manhandled or made to feel unimportant.

Rot said...

well put.
never knew that about georgie.

highbury said...


Unknown said...

The original theatrical releases are included as bonus features on the 2006 (?) dvd releases - it's the only reason I own it. :)