Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Haunted Privy

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boo_hiss said...

An amusing note: our local Halloween tradition used to include the theft of outhouses, which were then promptly dumped at the 4-way stop on main street (and others, once that intersection filled up). I have a picture from some Nov. 1 in the mid-50's where somebody took an outhouse and the city's big "welcome!" sign from the highway and set them up in front of the college in the next town over.

We had to get a new plastic storage building last year, and I so desperately wanted to paint a moon and star on the door of the old one and dump it at the intersection. Y'know, for old times sake.

girl6 said...

LOVE the word privy.
my nan lives in Canada & has told me the best stories of outhouses being pirated & burnnned...hahaha

& that little moon..<3