Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Doorway Ghost

I wonder if this guy will be making an appearance in the Poltergeist remake.


Anonymous said...

That would be cool.

Would be a fitting tribute.

girl6 said...

i've been thinking about this...
& yeah, i DON'T think they should remake this. i don't mind with The Entity quite so much, especially with the whole exploitation factor of that movie figured in but...yeah, wayyyyy toooo many remakes.

ShellHawk said...

ShellHawk's abridged (and well-known) rant against remakes:

"Dear Hollywood,
Stop being lazy! Stop remaking old films and take the time to read the original screenplays on your desks. You might find that will make you more money."

Pfft! Remaking Poltergeist is appalling!

Rot said...

Agreed about The Entity. Oddly i'm fine with smaller films being remade (more like indifferent), but it seems horribly wrong to go after the big films that I was obsessed with as a kid.

Agreed, shellhawk. Imagine the amazing scripts that will never see the light of day because of this trend of fear and non-risk.

girl6 said...

Honestly, the wrong people in Hollywood are in charge, it's the people that don't have a lick of creativity in their bones or give a poop, that ARE actually in charge. blows me away.

i'm excited about the new madddd maxxx film cause, hey, same director, same max. just another day in the life of that we haven't seen, so yeah, i'm there.

at the end of the day, i am MOST happiest just sittin on the couch with my boo, holdin hands & watching old universal monster movies..

Willow Cove said...

Hey guys, we just saw the new Mad Max.
Really Great. Highly reccomend it. I am gonna see it again in the theatre next week. Miller has had what 20+ years to think up new vehicles and characters...

Rot said...

i've heard nothing but amazing reviews of this film

can't wait.

girl6 said...

hey WC we just saw Mad Max in 3D
omfg..George Miller is god to me now.
pass me sum of that silver spray paint...hahahahha : D
it's a Lovely day!!

& Rot...i feel about Steven Spielberg the way you feel about Bette Midler, i can't f**king stand em. he straight up manhandled Tobe Hooper & took that movie away from him.

jeeezzzz..Doesn't anyone care when movies are taken away from people. it happens SO much & is SO unfair.

& so i think i shall blog my voice to the world.
i gotta lotta stuff to get offa my bones.