Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Tall Man

You think when you die, you go to heaven. 
You come to us!

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Unknown said...

Another movie that scarred me for life. This and Alien came out the same year - 1979. Bad year to be a nine year old sneaking to stay up late to watch movies no nine year old should see. I never stood a chance. My media oversaturated 14 year old just shrugs at this stuff. Sad.

Rot said...

My older sister and her friends would rant about how terrifying this was and how those little beings in it were real or some crap like that. So there was a ton of hype in my young mind and the film totally lived up to that hype and surpassed it. Hard to explain, but there was something always so odd about it, yet so well made, that it felt real almost.
Total scar tissue.

Jeano Roid said...

Lovely painting..
Hearing Mr. Scrimm is now using a walker makes me sad. Last I saw him - maybe three years ago - he was was doing great, working his table and entertaining friends about his love of music. Always eats an apple for lunch too!

girl6 said...

sucha a great little film with a wonderful premise, a classic i think.. i was really surprised to find out that the mausoleum was made from styrofoam, that's so cool & thrifty!

& this portrait is so beautiful & peaceful too.