Monday, July 16, 2018


First look at Mike Dougherty's Godzilla from Godzilla:  King of the Monsters.

Click here for the story.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, this is going to be good.

girl6 said...

THAT Still IS Glorious!!!
Godzilla looks like some kinda magical fire shooting dragon!!!

i know..i say this ALL the time. But man...
..JUST give me Godzilla. i DON'T care if it's good bad evil silly whatever!!! GIVE me my Godzilla..Kong..Mothra..Gigante Monstas..The Three Stooges & Wrestling..i WANT IT ALL & maybe, even in that order too. HAHAHAA!!! i am SO patiently waiting for the return of MOTHRA. you the 2014 Godzilla..they teased us & showed a teeny tiny hat tip to Mothra. it was a pic of Mothra on that bulletin board (in the lab) montage thingy. & that means..the Twin Fairies would have to make an appearance too..with being Mothra's guardians & all. awwwwwww..those girlies..remember when Mothra just about destroyed the city looking for them when they were kidnapped!!!!. ughhh hahaha.

i AM REALLY looking forward to this. i think Mike D. WILL hook us up!!!.<333
& Thanks also to Pete Jackson (Kong) & ESPECIALLY..Guillermo del Toro for getting the ball rolling again with the return of The Kaiju..(gahhh..he even used the proper name) Sadly tho..pioneers often get lost in the mix.

p.s...the article mentioned some bread crumb dropping for KONG?!?!?!?
i'm Over The Moon.

Mr Black said...

I can't wait!

Adam said...

LOVE Godzilla. However, Id much rather see Mike D doing Trick R Treat 2 that we were promised.

Rot said...

I like to think this is going to get Mike some much deserved super-exposure and allow him to make any film he wishes...which I HOPE is Trick 'r Treat 2...and i'm praying we get some other Halloween themed films from him after that!