Friday, July 20, 2018

Joseph Mugnaini Rough Drafts

Wow.  Never saw these before.
If you haven't read Bradbury's The October Country, you must.
In my humble opinion, it's his best short story collection, even surpassing The Halloween Tree.

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girl6 said...

The October Country is a bible of sorts. i LOVE my old vintage paperback edition with the old school cover art. i also LOVE the old vintage paperback edition of Dandelion Wine too..the version with the dark bottle that's filled with a skull..face..bitten apple & other lovelies & there's even butterflies swirling around the outside of the bottle. it's so macabre & gorgeous.

Ray was a magician & not a fake one either. he could write about anything & make you feel like you were transported to exactly where his heart desired. that dude wrote about MARS like it was firsthand experience. how could he do that.

this is one of my fave Ray Bradbury lines...

“...the watermelons lay, unfingerprinted, striped like tortoise cats lying in the sun.”

gahhhh..what a lovely visual!!
ONLY Ray Bradbury author & cat lover could write sucha perfect & timeless line.

i still think about his passing on every June. STILL makes me feel sad & a little empty inside. i know he was really old & pretty sick when he passed so it's for the best i still gets me. i guess it always will.