Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Myers Promotional Shot

I must say that I'm loving the mask.


girl6 said...

he's looking so glamourous..sorta silver.
like the andy warhol silver factory days..gorgeous!!

The Gill-Man said...

The mask really looks great. Probably my favorite since 2

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, even the hair looks neat. Like old faux mask craft hair.

Sara said...

Can't believe nobody has commented on this yet. Maybe I'm just petty. He seriously looks like right out of a Sear's catalogue posing for mechanic suits.

But, uhm....yeah...I love the mask.

Rot said...

haha..sorry, sara! I was away from my computer for quite a while and couldn't post comments...and as the last american alive who doesn't own a smart phone, i can't check remotely!

I really am shocked they put this out there.
from the chest up, i dig...from the chest down, i feel like it's my dad again...about to ruin my favorite and first myers mask!

Rot said...

I adore the mask.

Just a home run.

Didn't think it was possible to please me on this element...but they did.

And i agree, girl6... he seems delightfully aged (from the chest up)...LOVE how the mask FEELS like THE mask.

girl6 said...

that story of your pops ruining your MM mask is horrendous..SO mean!! it really has stuck with me. it's not the action so much, cause honestly, people make careless mistakes & accidentally break things, but, it's the total lack of respect & sorrow on his part.'s STILL a great story even tho it's a sad bummer too. with this NEW Halloween film coming out..i think it woulda been neat to see some kinda stories or a documentary made with real everyday people sharing their stories of how Halloween/MM touched their lives in someway. people/kids of all ages..then & now. your MM mask story would be a great memory to be shared with other fans. call the documentary something like..'we are mike'..'i am mike' or 'really mike'..hahahahha!! idk..some kinda indy word play on owning a MM mask. i feel like an opportunity has been missed. i mean..this IS an Iconic film event & it feels like the nostalgia & LOVE behind the original doesn't even matter/exist. be nice if the industry & fans could come together for a PROPER celebration. i wanna hear stories from THE FANS. i wanna hear the good..the bad..the funny. ALL of it.

that pic is so yearbook. i kept looking at it..thinking all he needs is a little black sting choker around his neck. FOXY. hahahha.

Mike C(JASONV123) said...

I dig the look of the mask. I even pre-ordered one from trick or treat studios, however the look of the coveralls is just to clean. Even stealing it from a mechanic, the suit would have some worn appeal to it..imo