Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Lost Art Of The Horror Movie Theme Song

Great feature at

Click below (loved the FRIGHT NIGHT video):


Anonymous said...


The Ramones, Dokken, Alice Cooper, Lizzy you are hitting the music genre I listened to when I was a teenager. I remember all of these songs.

NOW you have made me feel old.

Sara said...

This was a great article! Man, how I miss the music and videos of horror movies past. SO many of them were terrifying to me as a youth even though looking back some are hilarious. I got to watch the music videos I guess but wasn't allowed towatch the movies? LOL. They are imbedded in my memory as PART of the movie itself almost. Good stuff.

girl6 said...

Man..i had SO MUCH Fun watching those!!! All these vids are movies within when Freddy wakes up from a nightmare of Dokken. HAHAHA!! Yeah..Def lost art for sure. The Ramones/Pet Sematary IS Golden to me..could watch that on a continuous loop/even Debbie Harry (in a dark wig) shows up for a cameo.

i always thought the tune "I'm Awake Now" by the Goo Goo Dolls from "Freddy's Dead" has the most perfect chorus for that movie.."Don't fall asleep to dream" SO Good.

hands down man..Quirk makes the world a BETTER Place. Pennies for rainy days..just likes all these videos. shiny happy stuff.