Sunday, July 29, 2018

Now Playing: Nostromo

Previously featured years ago, and totally worth a re-post.  Super great concept for a Dark Ambient album by Sleep Research Facility - the sounds of the United States Cargo Star Ship Nostromo, from the film ALIEN.

Click below for the full album.  Each track represents another deck on the ship.


Rot said...

funny, i posted a track back in 2013 and used a very similar photo... odd as i was seconds from posting a photo of the nostromo exterior in space.

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Autumnleaf said...

I love the idea! But somehow I still want to hear Jerry Goldsmith's score with at least some of it. Like when they expel Cain's body into space the string harmonies in the score were hauntingly beautiful. But the sound of the chains and the water hitting Brett's hat (when he was looking for Jones) w/no music was equally effective (and terrifying!)
Oddly enough the pulsing 'sol to re' motif that was laced throughout the film could almost be construed as ship's sounds.
Again I think this is a great idea though and would love to obtain a copy.

The rich fabric of Alien offers endless opportunities for projects like this.

Autumnleaf said...

Funny here too...i just read my response to the other post and I guess my take on the subject remains pretty much the same. Hmmm...I'm thinking I need to expand my tonal horizons.

Chad Savage said...

Thanks for this - I didn't know it existed! The album is available on Bandcamp for those interested -

The first track gave me goosebumps, as you can hear traces of the original movie trailer in this soundscape, and that movie trailer scared the crap out of 11-year-old me!