Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Lemax Spooky Town 2018 Video Tour

I'm not too crazy about the voice-over on this, so I'd recommend clicking THIS LINK to start a nice instrumental track from Something Wicked This Way Comes, and then clicking the image below to launch the Lemax video (and then quickly mute it so you can hear the instrumental track [but that's just me micromanaging]):


Sara said...

You? Micromanage? I don't believe it!

Cool offerings from Michael's this year!

Anonymous said...

Oh man that voice was HORRIBLE.

My wife’s stepmother started to collect these years ago. The motors on them are kind of noisy, but kinda cool looking.

Theo said...

how does this music work SO well!?

so many perfect synchronised moments.

girl6 said...

Man..this novel. one of my ALL time faves!!!
& the movie with pam grier as "the dust witch"..SO exotic & perfect. gahhhhhhhh.
funny.."something wicked this way comes" never makes me think of will shakespeare. but..always makes me think of..ray bradbury..will halloway & jim nighshade.<333

Autumnleaf said...

Great fit Rot! Please continue the 'micromanagement'. Holy Moly there's a lot of stuff. And Halloween comes to the Hollywood Bowl...how cool is that? That would be a trip if the Hollywood Bowl caught on to this. Imagine the possibilities!

Too many things to mention...but I always fall for the pumpkin architectural pieces...and any horse-drawn related items.