Thursday, July 19, 2018

Trailer Tomorrow: GLASS

And here are the three teaser trailers they released.
Looking SO forward to this film.  More so than any film in a long time.


Sara said...

Even if the movie ends up not being the best, M.Night is still one of the most unique horror film makers of all time. Love him.
This film looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

LOVED Split.
This should be good too.

Pumpkin5 said...

Me three J, three. ;)

girl6 said...

i think i am EVEN looking MORE forward to this movie than the Suspiria Remake or the NEW Halloween & that's saying a lot for me. Every time i think about it..i get the chills SO HARD.

i didn't pick out storybooks as a kid..i picked out comic books instead starting at around 3-4 yrs old & i was SUPER Blessed to have a mom who was on board with my preferences. she would read them to me at night with the two of us being all crunched up together in my tiny bed with the spider-man sheets. Comic books & i go wayyyyy back. i still buy em.

Fast Forward..2000? i'm sitting in a movie theater watching Unbreakable & when Manoj drops the superhero reveal..i CRIED. Make Fun..but, i did. Cause..i had not seen the MOST PERFECT Comic Book/Superhero work..either on film or book form until that moment. Split..returns to my Favourite Comic Book/Superhero Universe & introduces me to Casey Cooke (portrayed by the AMAZING Anya Joy-Taylor from VVitch) a survivor of incestuous sexual abuse/her body covered in old healed self inflicted wounds which reveal her Super Strengths of a Survivor & who Casey Cooke REALLY is. Glass CAN'T be released quickly enough for me. i BELIEVE it's going to Blow My Mind.

This dude M. Night..MADE History. He PERFECTLY captured a SuperHero/Villain Universe & released into the Everydays. OMG. WORKS!!!

girl6 said...

Oh & the music from Unbreakable IS Beautiful. ughhhh. LOVE it.
hey Mix/Master Rot..please play some for us. : )